Looking Out

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Nov 252011
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As we travel down life’s path we occasionally get an opportunity to look out.


A path constructed from arches of our making… our beliefs.


Sometimes when we look out … through a window framed by our beliefs…. the outside world seems so bright…. so very bright compared to the dimly lit place where we are.


But was that really an option for us? ………or is it just a view of someone else's destiny?


The light might seem bright there but perhaps from out there the coolness in our position looks appealing.


Look ahead there is brightness there too…… and darkness.


Keep moving down the path knowing that there will be many rooms… some light … some dark.

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  1. I love the thinking behind this series Tim. Although I imagine that these buildings were constructed with practical things in mind, your interpretation shows that they are most certainly are works of art.

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