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Jan 242012
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The gull flaps vigorously to attain altitude as the swells roll in from afar on a smooth sea. The stones on the beach sparkle with the yellow light of sunrise. All rhythms at different frequencies.

The gulls rhythm is fast and frenetic to escape the wave crashing on the beach. An immediate response to a local event.

The swell comes from across the sea , built up some time ago, a memory of past wind. Winds made buy the heat of the sun. Every one slightly different.

The sunrise comes everyday , regular. Giving life.

An image made on the Kaikoura coast early one morning over the Christmas break. The green of the sea and the gold of the sunrise on the stones are as they where. We have a camper truck, which allows use to wake up in such beautiful places.


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  1. Pauline: we have a camper too and I love the early morning light, especially for these types of shutter speeds. The birds make some wonderful images. I like this one Tim.

  2. Great shot, full of life

  3. Beautiful, Tim. I love the Kaikoura Coast and I could watch the sea and its rhythms for hours.

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