Cordyline 3

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Jan 282012
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This summer the cabbage trees have astounded me with their beauty. The huge white/cream bridal bouquet pannicles so bountiful and pendulous that they seemed to embody fecundity as they dipped and swayed in the breeze.

Everywhere we travelled it seemed as though the florescence followed us and they may as well have been painted in gaudy flouro colours the way they lept into my consicousness. Pauline you have made sense of that for me tonight, thank you.
Symmetry has a sense of peace around it. Order in the chaos. Balance.
In looking at recreating the fine botanical print I started exploring the montaging of other artists (thank you Tony Bridge for your prompting, although there is much work to do here) and in this work I see many pleasures coming together. The repetitive geometric floral and vegetal patterns of Islamic art of the Mosques keep me close to my wild world, and in which I found that sense of balance and peace and order; fascinated by the devotion to the Glory of God that produced work of such colour depth, complexity and beauty that has survived so many centuries intact. In fact the technology at the time produced colours of a richness that all our modern science has been unable to recreate. There is a belief that mistakes were allowed into the work by the artist, standing humble before God, since only God could produce perfection. So I let a bit of chaos into the symmetry, not appreciating at first why it should be that way.
Transmuting – maybe not silver into gold; but taking a raw material and transforming it into something else. The Scientist/Alchemist makes his presence felt. And the Weaver again. In and out, through and under.

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  6 Responses to “Cordyline 3”

  1. Wow. Superb creation and wonderful words, Jen.

  2. Yes, Jen, yes it’s wonderful

  3. Beautiful.I find myself draw into it wanting to see more detail.

  4. Jen:
    Of course the alchemist seeks to transform him/herself,a base metal, into gold.
    A metaphor for the journey to self-realisation.
    Many thanks for your sharing.

  5. Keep coming back to this image & I see something different each time, must be my mind space, more whiskey!

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