Mar 092012
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Time. It is only the trappings of our culture that give us the ability to locate ourselves in time.

As I stood upon the headland and gazed towards the receding coastline it was hard to determine whether I was looking forwards or backwards. But looking geographically it definitely wasn't. I had this strong sense of a time when we were not the ruling class, when the landscape was raw and subject to the violence of huge change and Papa sat back and let Ruamoko vent his feelings.

Of great and fantastical creatures roaming the landscape asserting the dominance that size can bring. Or not. Oh how the mighty did fall, succumbing to the ravages of Mother Nature, and leaving new species to colonise and inhabit and prey and dominate. And fall.

And this coast could look the same. Then. Now. 100, 1,000 or 10,000 years from now. If we let it.

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  4 Responses to “And their bones lay scattered upon the beach, Awakino Heads 2012”

  1. Love this, full of emotion. Excellent.


  2. The “timelessness” you talk about in the post comes across loud and clear.

    I found the treatment to be a very successful part of that message.

    The warm tones could have been produced at any stage of photographys history or they could have been made by some form of printing process several hundred years ago.

    It would seem that some styles are just beautiful regardless of the current fashion.

  3. Like Ian, the timelessness of this image strikes me. I really want to know more of this place and the history and stories behind it.

  4. Interestingly, after I made this image, I found that some of the last massacres of the land wars took place just near here.

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