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Mar 102012
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It has been interesting to step back from the daily chronology of this collective photographic site and view the individual artist galleries. This provides real sense of theme and style and, I would guess, some insight in to the personalities of the artists. It does not show up every time, but most people have an aesthetic or theme (or both) that they gravitate to. For the most part, and especially when the style is attractive or the theme is interesting, some recognizable characteristics to a work is a good thing. I generally enjoy looking at an image and knowing who the author was without seeing the written signature, possibly because I can read more of one image knowing some external context. I have stopped down to consider my own image signature at times. As of late, it would be the high key portrait. Before that it would have been a based in the technical aspects of the lighting. Where will it go next? I am wondering that myself.

Incidentally, I place a high value on my own written signature. I am picky about how it looks. I take care to keep it consistent and write it with concentration. It seems to have found a permanent form in my head, though I suspect a handwriting analyst could spot 100 distinct changes over the last 10 years. I guess the point is that I know what my signature will look like on paper today and tomorrow, but I have no idea where my photographic signature is going. This doesn't worry me, but it does inform me that I have a long way to go before I am communicating clearly.


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  1. Our photography develops as we grow, but your style is unique to Dave Slaten, as your life experiences happen so your photography may take a different road. Yesterday I saw a friend fall 50 metres down a very dangerous place, we were at 1800m , he survived how I do not know but he did, this experience will have an effect on my life,my art & last night my whiskey drinking.

  2. We evolve with our art as we grow & as life experiences affect us. We get influenced by certain art as we view it & this has an impact on how we produce our art.

  3. Perhaps you dont see it yourself but there is already a signature style that I see in your work.
    While they dont all look the same there is a simplicity that is present in all of them. For me there is always a clarity in the message from a Dave picture.
    This one is a perfect example. You have told us your signature story by carefully arranging the composition and showing us a quality pen and lovely paper.

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