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Mar 142012
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Some people call it the black dog that walks with you and I guess only those who have experienced it really know what I’m talking about – depression.  It’s not a good place to be, you are always hoping that the black dog no longer wants to walk at your side.  Sometimes you think there is just no point in being, –  being anything.  So when it is as dark as you think it is possible to be, who carries you?  It is the unexpected crazy call from a friend, or a thank you for a small thing you did for them, or a request to give a hand because you can.  The dark and the light are so closely woven that they define one another.  When it is as dark as you know it, it is the light that someone else carries that can make the difference to the dark.  You never know just who will need your light, so shine, shine not only for yourself but for the friends and strangers who need that light.

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  6 Responses to “Who carries me”

  1. Hi Pauline. Some people who do not experience those dark times very often can fortget the power of caring about others. Thank you for the reminder and the challenge. Making a difference in someone’s day is a tremendous gift.


  2. Wow Pauline, what a powerful and open post, and I know how difficult it is to share some of these things. Of course you know I love this image already! Thank you so much for your thoughts that, in being shared, help others. Bless you.

  3. Pauline, I have a huge urge to comment but am lost for words.

    I think we must live our lives with this thought in mind We are unaware what is going on in anyone else’s life at any time and should, given the opportunity, always try to lend a helping hand to all around us. In doing this we, when required, will find it comes back to us. I think this is called friendship. xxxxx

  4. Like Ferg I have struggled to find adequate words to respond to this post.

    So I will simply say – Thankyou, that was a wonderful message

  5. Powerful image & Powerful post, thanks

  6. Another beautiful delicate image Pauline. I’ve had my darker moments too and your words are very true. In our busy lives it is really important to make that call to someone who pops in your mind. We often intuitively know when someone is in need.

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