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Mar 292012
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She lies deep, deep under the ground, she and her sirencall beauty safe in the aquifer, in the darkness, dreaming for us in water thousands of years old, purified by it's long and slow journey underground past rocks, pebbles, sand and microfines. She looks out for us. Her hopes and dreams filter up and out and into the light again. Guiding us. Prompting us. Calling us.
We know what she tastes like, smells like, feels like and her hopes for our future.  We also know when we are missing her presence.
Masaru Emoto has spent much of his lifetime researching and photographing the crystalline structure of water under various conditions and influences, creating some extraordinarily beautiful works suggesting links between water under positive and negative influences.
I can't live far from or long from water. It's presence completes me.


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  2 Responses to “Underland”

  1. If you want to find out more about Masuro Emoto’s work read his book “The True Power of Water” in it he makes the statement that because we are essentially 70% water the water in us improves or deteriorates reflecting the information it takes in. He has shown how water responds to the intent / thoughts / words that are spoken to it. Soooo, watch what you think, say and do. You are creating your own vessel of life.

  2. I love this sort of image and this is a good one. I too need to be near water. Fortunately it’s at our back door. It seems to me that there is a lot to be learnt about ourselves from observing the nature of water.

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