Apr 012012
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Perhaps I spent too many minutes in what passed for a summer this year (two days of it up here), and perhaps I have spent too long in the Esoteric, but I can no longer look at anything without perceiving an Invisible Hand at work, some web which just beyond my dim understanding, some just-invisible Truth towards which I am yearning. And I have the perfect tool to slow down the relentless passage of the river, if for a moment, and try to grasp a piece of driftwood as it dashes by, before it eludes me and disappears around a bend in the river.
We were sneaking around the Whanganui Inlet, just to the west of Pakawau, near a place which contained untouched, primeval forest, when we turned a bend and there it was. An Old Man Pine, I think, lurking on the edge of the native forest, out of its comfort zone, and thousands of miles from its home country. It stuck out a thumb, and demanded my attention. Come and listen to me, it said, and I will tell you a thing or two. And it did.
It seemed to me that it was, in some way, holding back the dark truths of the forest, rather like a policeman holding back a rioting mob. You know, it said, you really don’t want to know the truth. Clearly that truth, whatever it was, had misshapen it over the years.
But it was still strong, it still had presence and power and mana, so I got out my tripod, camera and my most careful methodology and, out of a deep sense of respect and gratitude, made its likeness, as I perceived it.
I owed it that much.

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  1. I wonder how many others have “sneaked” around that bend and have never even noticed the old man pine. Yet you saw and engaged it so much that you gained a sense of its power and mana.

    For me that is the gift of photography

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