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Apr 302012
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I was given the opportunity to do a group shot for some friends from work who play in a band. I'd done a poster for them before, but they lost their guitar player and needed another photo for their gig flyers. I treated the request like a bit of a semi-professional gig even though I was not getting paid (nor did I want to). I set up in the drummer's garage about 45 minutes ahead of time and got my lighting squared away. I especially liked the effect of the kicker light on the left side. The band showed up, we spent 20 minutes getting them to pose, be serious, goofy, crazy… anything that came to mind. They chose this shot from the 5 or 6 candidates. They were totally chuffed with the result, and that made me feel pretty good about the whole affair.

They went inside to practice and I spent another 20 minutes breaking down and packing away the lighting. Must remember, triple the estimated time for doing a shoot, even when organized and everything goes well. Being a professional must be very high pressure.

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  1. Once again Dave you have showed that you can create a relaxed relationship with your subject. Great lighting too. Well done

  2. That’s such a neat shot, Dave. I’m not surprised they’re happy with it!

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