Tumbledown Bay

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Jun 062012
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“The Photo captures a moment in time. We want to capture the moments that are precious to us & hold onto them. The passage of time moves many things away from us & the photo can bring us back & remind us that these moments did exist, these times were once real. The photo tells a story & this connects us to the past & connects us to each other. We can edit what we don’t want to include & conversely we can also edit in the fairy tale. Of course if someone else is editing the photos the story can change.”
The Value of a Photo by Sandra Djak Kovacs

Marcel Proust wrote; ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new Landscapes but in having new eyes”

I found this little article in the John Paul Caponigro website so I though I would share it with the aGathering group.

“Increasingly we all find ourselves photographing at locations where many have photographed before us.
When I encounter this I ask myself many questions:
What has been done before?
What made it work?
How could it be improved?
How have things changed since that work was done?
What could be done to reflect this change?
What’s unique about this moment?
How Many ways could that be made clear in images?
What’s special about my perspective?
How many ways can I make that strongly felt?
The right set of questions can help generate many ideas as well as guide & focus work. I usually have so many thoughts & feelings that I need to make notes to catch them all. Trying to find the best words to express them with makes my understanding of them clearer. Next time you find yourself in familiar territory, I recommend you start asking many questions.”
Insight by John Paul Caponigro

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  1. Colour! Scott. I like it.

  2. good words, Scott, and thoughts

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