Born this way

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Jun 112012
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This image was made at the Lady Gaga – Born This Way concert last Friday night.

The concert was loud, dramatic, spectacular and generally amazing.
Did I mention loud??

Not only was the concert a musical and theatrical event, it was all about Lady Gaga sending a message with her art. The message was in support of gay rights and gay pride.
While the songs were not all directly relating to gay issues there was clear theme running through the whole production.

Made me think that this would also work with photographs. A series of images, seen together, can tell a different story to the one that the might tell as individuals. That seems like a good way to work.

And – just in case you were wondering – I wasn't the oldest person there!!!

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  3 Responses to “Born this way”

  1. Looks like a great show. I agree a series of images with a theme is a very powerful thing. I find that a much more satisfying way to work too. I can see that many of our gatherers do to. Maybe sometime in the future we can add some pages to the website were we can post a series in one go so they can be viewed together.

  2. Yeah, but you were still there!

  3. It looks amazing!

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