Flow Interrupted

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Jun 152012
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Often we find in life it feels like we are trying to travel against the steam, up river and there just seems to be no way of moving any further forward.

It's just like this rock really.

We have to just stop, look, assess the situation, come to a conclusion and only then can we start to move on in the direction that life intends for us. Without this time to reflect we can't appreciate the options that our future holds in store for us and therefore make the wisest decisions we can.

I often feel like the rock…………………

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  6 Responses to “Flow Interrupted”

  1. Beauitful shot Ferg

  2. Love the colour. Thought provoking. If you are a rock in the stream it’s impossible to go up stream, maybe like trying to go back in time. It will only lead to frustration. While you a sat their in the middle of the river you get battered by the flow of other rocks and the sands that sweep past. However that process is what shapes you, makes you what you are and moves you slowly downstream.

  3. I see it the other way; Mind Like Water. Allow yourself to flow around the immovable obstacles in life, yet carry the power of nature which can shape entire continents.

  4. two things strike me about this post. The first is the colour in it… the emerald greens. You know of course, Ferg, that is the colour of the heart chakra and that’s where I believe all your best work comes from. Your work lately with the colour coming through it is special, somehow you have moved into a new space, and I’m watching it.
    The second thing that strikes me about the post is your last comment. Hmmm, I think this calls for a talk around a warm fire and a whisky. Looking forward to it.

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