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Jun 162012
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This is Bryce, my friend who fell, he is over the worsted of the accident, the bruises are gone, but the mind, well we will all live with that vision, but a different perspective from the one that Bryce has, a different level of how this could have ended.
I have sat on this image for a while now trying to find the right way to tell the story as I see it or more so how I was emotionally affected by it. For me it had to be B&W, I didn’t want the colour to get in the way of what I am trying to tell you, the comforting hand on him, the look in his eye, the face, they are all part of the story. I still feel his pain when I look at this image, the mental turmoil we were all going through at this exact moment. Part of the healing for me is through my art.

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  4 Responses to “Bryce”

  1. Very powerful image Scott.

  2. Great picture Scott – even if I hadnt heard the story it is here to read.

    The look on Bryces face says so much and the supportive hand completes the image..

  3. Agreed with Ian, the hand is magic. It’s like a sponge for the pain in his face, providing a path for it to escape as time extends beyond the moment in the image.

  4. The hand belonged to Silvia, who sat at Bryce’s head for the whole time with a hand on him as David says taking the pain away.Thank you for your comments.

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