South from Bluff

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Jul 092012
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Early morning and we were out to find a one in a million sunrise.

By the time we got to the lookout it was occupied by other photographers from the convention and frankly there was nothing much happening anyway. I wasn't confident.

The wind was from the north and produced faint wind lanes in the ocean as well as long wispy trails of high cloud. Eventually, for a short time only, the clouds were illuminated with a pink glow from the rising sun. But left to its own devices and plonked on a tripod my camera created a completely false impression. The image it produced was rich blue with contrasting bright pink clouds – it didn't feel like that at all. The picture was way too pretty for the cold dark morning I was experiencing.

You might accuse me of going a bit far the other way, but my computer helped me make an image that expresses the way I truly saw that sunrise.


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  3 Responses to “South from Bluff”

  1. Ian, artists license to produce their art as they see it.You made your image as the emotion affected you, 10 other photographers could have been there & you would get 10 different versions of the same view.

  2. well I love the colours and they are definitly not too dark

  3. Ian, love the dramatic clouds. After doing a workshop with Michael Levin in Montreal, I would love to see some very long exposure shots that smooth the clouds and sea out completely.

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