Bridge – Graham Dainty

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Jul 172012
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This image combines my favourite topics, nature and architecture.  I like the way it raises questions and causes a bit of visual tension.  It was purposely shot as a square format to give it a formal look.  I have revisited this scene and have not been able to get the same success as this first image, the overcast damp day gave perfect light for the inside and bush scenes.  Sometimes it pays to take a bit of time to poke around.

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  3 Responses to “Bridge – Graham Dainty”

  1. Hi there Graham Nice to see one of your always lovely images 🙂 Ann

  2. Hi Graham, This image makes me feel small and fragile.

    The power of nature is obvious when you consider how those rocks got there – yet the concrete man made bridge almost seems arrogant in its resistance.

    The forest is an interesting contrast – it resists the forces by being flexible, going with the flow and then standing back up.

    It looks like a wonderful spot – I just wouldnt want to be there when the rocks are on the move

  3. I like it Graham. Graphly shows that even man’s strongest structures are no match for mother nature.

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