Photographic Nemesis

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Jul 252012
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Castle Hill is my #1 photographic nemesis. I have driven by countless times, each with no less attraction than the previous. I have stopped to photograph this unique place several times, and never with a satisfactory result. I was there again recently with a couple of visitors from the USA and had about 90 minutes to walk around on my own. I decided to go a different direction than usual and found some alternate views, but not yet one which sums the place up for me in a single frame. I know it is there; I can feel it. But I am nowhere close to coaxing it out from under whichever marvelous rock it is hiding.

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  2 Responses to “Photographic Nemesis”

  1. Nice image, Maybe you are trying to hard, sometimes it is good to just sit & wait, it might happen then again it might not. What do you want from the rocks, is it about coaxing it out of the rocks or coaxing it out of David Slaten. If you tie the editor up & let the artist out, you might just achieve the results you want !!!!

  2. I like what you’ve done here. I like the way the homestead is positioned in the gap. I’m with Scott. It may well be that this place has something important to say to Dave Slaten. For me stepping back and disengaging brain has been the most successful way of dealing with this sort of thing. I find that where crazy techniques like blurry pans, multiples and the like come in handy to let the place speak without my mind getting in the way.

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