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Some titles might pop into your mind right away. You know what the image says to you. In other cases you might really have to think about it. That process can be fascinating & valuable. You know you like the image, but may not be sure why. Searching your mind for a title may help to clarify that for you. It may help you uncover the subconscious feelings, memories & fantasies that you associate with it. Coming up with a really good title might also help you alter & refine the image. The title may give you a direction for post processing. It is a great way to bring composition in line with the idea you may want to convey.

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  1. I looked at this keeping your 5 questions in mind

    The sheep and the landscape are both integral to the image and Im guessing that the interplay drew your eye.

    Sheep and cold landscape is all you presented – no people, dogs or anything else

    The dull light, aided by the blue tone, makes the feeling bleak.

    Ive got a suggestion re drawing the eye. At the moment I easily stop at the sheep without looking past them to the hills. I like an unconventional crop taking the feet off just leaving sheep faces. Its more abstract but easier to look past the sheep to the hills. – Just a thought

    You vision is simply of the harsh high country – Im not sure if I would have got there more quickly with a title to guide me

  2. Thanks for your comments Ian,It is about the Sheep in this bleak harsh environment, I think for me it is about my experiences over many years as a high country musterer, so this image was taken as a trip down memory lane, to a time when I was younger, fitter & a little wilder?

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