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Sep 242012
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I hummed and hared about which of the many many pics I could pick and was told “Pick the one the means the most to you”, so here it is..
My Mums hands playing round and round the garden with her first great grandchild.
My Mum has been a teacher for over 55 years and at 70 is still being a nanny and helping women who have given birth to twins.. She was a kindy teacher in Wellington for 30 years and has taught many famous pupils.
So this photo stood out the most to me, because its my Mum doing what she has done all her life. Educating and loving those around her.



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  8 Responses to “Hands – Fiona Flowers”

  1. Hi Fiona, thank you for sharing a wonderful emotive image, love the feeling of the old hand & young hand, also like the sepia treatment. Thank you for sharing

  2. This is just lovely Fiona

  3. Fee, this image says it all about the elderly and how caring the are towards the younger generations even though it them that need the caring for. Lovely. Thanks for joining us on aGathering.

  4. Hand it down. The desperation of the human condition. Keep breeding. Keep thinking that your life is worth a thing. Hand down your unhappiness. Make me unhappy. Make me I wish I wasn’t born. Hand me your hand. Drag me down

    • Give me your hand. The hand that helps me up when I fall down. Honor me with your past lives that I too have the chance to experience growth. Hand me the opportunity to make my own choices. Give me your hand that we may share this journey.

  5. Beautiful. A lot of love in this image.

  6. Love this photo so much. Very proud of you Fee 🙂

  7. lovely pics and so are others which I seen in your FB page.. excellent talent and gift you have.. keep doing it..mom had passed her gift to you and it’s your turn to share it …well done

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