The Witches Brew

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Oct 022012
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This could be a long slow process…

Or may be abandoned at any point.

But for the time being I will persevere.

I have to tutu with things; can't leave well enough alone, and, as I cast my mind across a cross section of life, I see it applies everywhere. Make a stew, or a roast, something that generally one would put together and leave for an alternative pastime for a few hours – I can't. I have to keep opening the oven door, prodding, turning and checking; delaying the cooking time with the frequent releases of perfect temperature heat from the open oven door. No wonder dinner is always late.

Make a picture – I have to make it difficult, fine tuning it to within an inch of it's life, even if no-one else will ever see the difference – long past the point where more productive people would have screamed “enough!”.  And had it framed and on the gallery wall. Or the invoice done and in the mail.

I've finally started to embrace these bothersome attributes of my temperament and try to direct them where they'll be useful. So begins this experimentation with anthotypes, and with various brews to make them from. My tutu-ing has some purpose here. But because of an inherent randomness about the process it may take me a while to get my head around what works. I have found some contacts to learn from so I hope that I may be able to short circuit the process a little. But if not, cie la vie. I can experiment my merry way forward.

And hope that this may be the answer to my image transfer ideas for the harakeke.

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  6 Responses to “The Witches Brew”

  1. it sounds to me as if you might be one of those perfectionists ! But we do get it right in the end !!! Good luck. And enjoy the journey if you can

    • Thanks Barbara. I’m loving the “hands on” aspects of what I am doing; wherever it goes I feel as if I’m on the right track… Just not a very speedy one. I just wish the sun would shine at the moment!

  2. better to beat yourself up “fine tuning” an image than the feeling when you see something that NEEDS fixing after it is hanging on the gallery wall.

    I cant wait to hear how the experiments are going

    • There’s going to be a very interesting outcome to these prints; if the sun shines long enough to develop them; they will be what they are, no primping or tweaking possible with this method. Something that Waitara has taught me to appreciate… “it is what it is”.

  3. Yes Ian, wholeheartedly agree. For some of us there is as much pleasure as frustration in getting the work “perfect” in our own eyes.

  4. Looks fascinating. I can’t image ithe antotype thing being anything but a long process, but surly that’s the point, enjoying the journey, discovering new things. Like a physical journey to a far off land promises to be more interesting than a trip to the mail box

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