Oct 242012
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A friend David asked me to help him with a project called  Whanganui Gardens. A place where people from all around the world could see what a stunningly beautiful and vibrant place it is we live in.

My day started being a practice Client for Eagala – Equine Assisted Therapy. What an amazing experience, one that helped shift some deep grief from when I lost my own horse aged 17 yrs.

A walk in a nearby park seemed perfect, to be in the silence and nature and to help my friend with his new project.

As I watched the ripples of water slowly expand outwards in ever increasing circles my thoughts went to my friends I was helping. How whatever the task they had asked of me at that moment – had in it’s own way been exactly what I needed at that moment of my own journey.

Life as a photographer for me is being grateful for being able to do what I love, listening to my heart and learning to live from my truth.
“Moments are made of simple pleasures that touch our hearts and tell the story of our lives.

The present moment is all you ever have

Live life well in this moment”

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  3 Responses to “Each action we take in our life is a ripple that expands worldwide – Tracy Grant”

  1. Welcome to aGathering Tracey. Looking at your image and seeing the adult swan reminds me how hard it is sometimes to make the change from the ugly duckling into what we would like to be. Indeed the ripples of our progress in this transition spread out to out surroundings.

  2. Hi Tracy. Thankyou for joining us on aGathering.
    I really enjoyed your picture and your words.
    It struck me, looking at the pond in the perspective of your comments, that although the pond is beautiful when it is calm it is much more interesting when there are ripples. A life with ripples may not seem to be what we want at the time but Im sure it makes us better people

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