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Nov 242012
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I like these things. For me they represent a good balance between responding to the energy needs of the world of mankind and ensuring that we don’t impact on the natural environment irreversibly. I know that they are not all that efficient, and I know that the access roads and the construction process impact the landscape but they are a temporary change to buy us some time. This one I photographed during our trip south but I often fly past the large field of them on the southern coast outside of Wellington. I find it fascinating that to look at the windmills produces a polarising response from people. Its either Love em or Hate em. The windmills seem to move in the same gentle motion in a howling gale as they do in a quiet breeze. They are a form of kinetic sculpture and enhance a landscape rather than destroy it.

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  1. Not very Graham Sydney like in more ways than the obvious.
    I agree, it’s better to build wind farms than it is any other form of power production available today. One day they won’t be necessary and they can easily be removed. Until that time content aware fill will do the job quickly and easily.

  2. I agree with your and Fergs thoughts. Is this another Ian walls tradition image from trees (of sorts) to clouds?

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