Residents No 2 – Paul Willyams

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Jan 102013
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The best portraits, I think, evoke an emotional response with the viewer that is unique and individual. There will be questions about the subject and their story, but also about the viewer – how did I react at first? How do I feel now? Why? Who or what does it remind me of?
This portrait is #2 from The Residents, a set shot in a rest home one morning. Residents agreed to the shoot, images to be used were shown to family and released, and 'nice' prints were given to all subjects.
I favour an realist portrait style, generally close-up with lighting and focus/blur to provide depth. Part of the content is interaction with the subject, but this is hard to explain or identify.

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  4 Responses to “Residents No 2 – Paul Willyams”

  1. Great image Paul, sometimes I wonder who is the portrait really about you or the subject.

    • You know Scott I don’t think it really matters if the portrait is about the subject or the photographer. I think both parties bring themselves to that moment when the shutter is released and then both move on. Each will continue to be who they are, certainly connected through that one moment but no more and no less than that.

  2. Great image Paul.
    I really like that it’s part of a series as well. Together the images tell a much greater story. Having seen a couple of the others the subjects have a similar expression and the pictures feel the same.

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