The Twelve Apostles 1

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Jan 212013
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We drove to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road and stayed one night not far from the famous Twelve Apostles. I got up early and drove back with my camera.
Every time I go to a well photographed place like this I feel the same way. Be it Yosemite Valley, Milford Sound or the Brighton Pier I cant help but be influenced by and somewhat jealous of other photographers who have been there in “perfect light”. I do know that it doesn’t work that way and that to get the best of a place you need to really know it and visit again and again, but I still begin by wishing for “better” conditions to make images like those I have already seen.
Eventually I get over myself and try to make images that reflect the place as I saw it – on that day in those conditions.
On this occasion a storm had just passed, the sky was heavy, the sea rough and it was still fairly windy. When I put those things into the frame I found a picture I am happy with.

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  1. I’m loving your individual take on this, and allowing the place to speak its truth through you.

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