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I like to create images that put a question mark to the viewer.  Maybe it is because my core photography is pictorially representative, and this image poses some thoughts, rather than being self evident.
For anyone who is interested it is an aerial shot of harbour tidal streams and sea lettuce. I enjoy flights over our Tauranga harbour, especially at low tide, when the sunlight picks up the patterns and colours. The ground rules of photography which identify light and therefore form and shape are factors that I strongly identify with. It features in my better portraits and other genres.
To a large extent I am a person who discovers images rather than pre visualising and then creating. I try to be as visually perceptive as possible to seek the difference. I guess I go looking for that difference and it is surprising how often something pops up.

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  1. Looking at your image, Bob, it looks like the lungs and arteries belonging to a human body. The analogy of course is that our land is a living, breathing entity and reminds us of our need to take care of it or suffer the consequences.

    • Thanks for all of your comments. Kim Westerskov is a mate of mine and I always remember his suggestion that a great landscape needs something extra to make it special. To create the effect I shot on negative film and cross processed it to get the saturated look in the greens. It sort of glamourises what is a bloody nuisance in our harbour, smells awful and is probably a result of mankind stuffing up the environment. I too like Jackie Rankins aerials, in fact have a beaut black and white of fields and plough lines. I started doing these airs capes in the early 80,s and some can work on the viewers imagination. i have recently revamped my website for anyone interested. It is pretty “commercial” but that is how I make my living. Personal stuff tends to get tucked away.

  2. Bob,I find you wishing to question me interesting and in this case right on the money. Of all things with you image I find myself lost for scale and this opens so many doors for my mind to wander through.
    Thanks for sharing your image with the group.

  3. Hi Bob – thanks for joining us.
    I agree that it is light that makes the buildinbg blocks of all successful photography. In this case the sunlight really makes the greens in the sea lettuce come to life.

  4. … ahhhh for wings! I have always loved Jackie Rankin’s aerial abstracts and now this. The colours and the forms and the play with scale all make this very interesting. Thanks for joining us.

  5. I saw these scenes from above Botswana..this brings back good memories and is well composed..not easy when flying ..

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