Morning – Emma Hughes

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Apr 102013
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I love to use movement within my imagery to evoke emotion and a sense of the 'other'.  In this image I feel a sense of history and of mystery.  A sense of simplicity.  A sense of displacement.  The cool colour palette adds an edge of disquiet to the image and it feels to me like passing through a memory.

It was photographed very early one morning looking out from the veranda of our house.

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  8 Responses to “Morning – Emma Hughes”

  1. Welcome Emma, and for those who know my photographic style they will also know that I would enjoy your image too. Thanks for joining us on aGathering

  2. Hi Emma,
    I just love this!!
    The mood of the image just draws me in to it.
    There is something real there but it isnt literal. There is something slightly threatening in the darkness of the land and the trees but the gentle peaceful sky wins out.
    Thankyou for sharing

  3. love it!

  4. Thanks Pauline, Ian and Ann. I’m so pleased you enjoy the image.

  5. Delightful ethereal landscape, quite delicate.

  6. Love it too.

  7. Beautiful simplicity. The colour and tone and shakiness of the image give me a dark feel, lonely too, but there is that beautiful brightness in the middle that gives hope – but its just a little bit of hope. Passing storm, days of rain, the hopeful anticipation of deep warming sun perhaps – metaphorically speaking.

  8. I keep coming back to this, it has such a lovely gentle feel which seems to be a signature of your work. Thank you for sharing this with us Emma!

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