Eye Candy – Oswald Mungwazi

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Apr 302013
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This image came about from the desire to create an implied nude
photograph. My aim was to come up with an image that was suggestive
visually but still leaving a lot to the imagination. I must say my
model was perfect for the project.

As given away by the image, I used two speed lights in soft boxes for
side lighting my subject. One as main light to the model's right and
on the opposite side a fill in light.

I had the model wet her hair and t-shirt and oiled her body to give it
a shiny look.

I feel with a bit of refining in the style, it would make a good body of work.

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  7 Responses to “Eye Candy – Oswald Mungwazi”

  1. Lovely image, sorry to be critical but I would darken the right arm a little more it drags the eye away from the candy, lovely image all the same,just my opiniion

    • Nope, I disagree. I like the light on the right arm because it makes a directional diagonal line to her face, which interests me more.

  2. I agree with darkening the arm, the line is a bit sharp and hard compared to the rest of the image and I think that the margin of light on her left leg and breast creates enough direction toward her face. Absolutely beautiful image!! thank you

  3. Ha, I agree with Pauline – must be a guy vs girl thing 🙂

  4. Ann I dont think it is a guy thing, but I could be wrong it just draws my eye to it when I look at the image, close your eyes for 5 seconds open them then see what your eye does without you controlling it?????

  5. I like the image the way it is. To be honest, it was a while before I noticed she even had a right arm. (camera right that is) I think THAT is a guy thing.

  6. What I like about this image is how it messes with my emotions and I also love the discussion it has generated. I detest the title “eye candy” because I make the assumption that there is a sexuality to the image that is hungered for like a kid to candy. I guess as a woman who identifies her femaleness as being much more than a sexual thing reduced to just one sweet lick (oh should I be so lucky you may think!!) by an immature kid. Great than an image can create such emotions and also great that there is debate on the comments associated with it. Go the guys but come on the girls (scuse the pun – not intended, must have been a slip of the tongue, dammit)

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