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May 302013
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When I was approached to be a guest photographer, it all looked pretty straightforward. The catch was that I had to supply an image that “reflected how I felt about my work or how it’s an offshoot of my inner self”. That’s the bit that had me somewhat stumped. I decided to just say something about my work in general, and let the supplied image speak for itself. Hopefully, the dots will join up.

I’ll photograph pretty much any subject and be very happy doing so, but I have a special interest in capturing images of things that others would probably ignore. Some people might see a nice sunset and reach for their cameras. I’m probably more likely to reach for my camera when I see a battered and crusty old jandal washed up on the beach. (Hint – this is where you need to join the dots). I like the interesting patterns found in a roasting pan after the lamb is but a distant, delicious memory, the shape of a shadow rather than the object creating it, or perhaps cobweb-laced bits and pieces in an old shed. (I love the derelict old sheds too, but everybody photographs those, don’t they)?

It’s often said that a picture tells, or should tell a story. I like to think that sometimes, they should ask a question.

With regard to the image supplied, it’s one of a large series. We live at Orere Point on the Firth of Thames and I had noticed a few jandals and other items of footwear being washed up on the beach. I started photographing them, and was amazed just how many I kept finding. Many were old and decrepit, while some were in good shape, and all would have had a story. There were however, more questions than answers. Who did they belong to? How did they get here? What happened to their mates? The mystery is more compelling than the knowledge.

Gary Healey

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  1. Welcome Gary. After spending a lot of time looking at images in New York City I came back to find this one of yours and was able to enjoy it immensely based on what other image makers around the world, past and present, have been creating. I enjoy this image from my emotional response to the blue and rust colours and then I love being able to let my mind wander into connections that your jandal and its surroundings elicits in me. I have visions of mans impact on the land, I think of how is a persons footprint left on the world, what happens when the journey ends, the stories that are contained in our personal belongins, and dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Really enjoyed this image.

  2. Great shot Gary . A margatretiville image of someone who blew out his flip flop. I too am amazed at how many shoes I see on our beach.

  3. Thank you Gary for posting in this group! We always appreciate having a different perspective and creative focus. Its the bits that other people ignore that fill out our vision of “real life” and without them it all becomes a bit plastic. Loved having your background story.

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