Aug 062013
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There's a place of energy for me and it's the Maniototo. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to spend time there. Being able to spend two weeks each year immersed in photography on Tony's workshops, with almost no other calls on my attention (compared to the distractions of normal daily life), obviously helps, but it's the place itself that centres my creativity.

I made landscapes again this year, yet with a difference, so much more quiet, revealing to me that at last I have begun a conversation rather than shouting over what Papa was trying to share with me.

Apart from that, two abstracts have come out of my time there, one for each week, and they were archetypes, Rangi and Papa. A reminder of what drives me to make pictures at the deepest level.  Papa is not quite resolved, so I'll sit with her and see what else she has to tell me. Rangi, from the sky, came with a rush …no pun intended 😉  and wanted to be left be, his presence not to be denied, regardless.

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  2 Responses to “Father. Wedderburn Maniototo July 2013”

  1. There is certainly lots of energy here. The colours in particular shout and cannot go unnoticed

  2. I want to see the landscapes

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