Path to the old stone hut

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Aug 092013
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The path was on the other side of the valley from the road I was walking down.
Just at that moment the angle of the sun was bouncing off the stones on the track and it was standing out from the green of the fields.
I was immediately reminded of a series by John Doogan called “Pathways”. I watched for some time and made a number of photographs as the sun danced across the scene.

Often when I process images I find that what I create is a surprise.
The final result is a combination of a reaction to the image that I captured and to my memory of the scene. Often the emphasis may change as the final result emerges.

But this time I knew exactly what I wanted to do……

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  7 Responses to “Path to the old stone hut”

  1. I like the story you have captured, it is a process we all go through when we process an image, when we get home some of the emotion of the event stays with us & we hope to draw that from the image.

  2. Love this one 🙂
    I also think you could call it pine tree vignette 🙂 heehee That might be one of those jokes that only I think is funny though! 🙂

  3. Ian, For me this is a surreal image, and I engage with it as if it were a dream. My response is not what I expected. I feel nervous or excited and want to get to that little house as quickly as I can and I am not sure whether what I will find will be good or bad (hence nervous and excitied) BUT I have to klow. I suspect I will wake up the moment I open the door and will never really find out …. just like all good dreams!

    • Thanks Bruce – that was a wonderful response. I’m in Norfolk at the moment and I walked to the hut. It is both harsh and warm at the same time.

      • Glad it resonated Ian – it was strong and immediate. Must have something to do with the toning, lighting, the placement of the hut … maybe I dream like this, don’t know … but it connected with ME very strongly.

  4. A bit cluttered for me, I’m used to single tree images from you 🙂
    Has the feeling of a model railway set I expect to see a train passing through any time now.

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