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Aug 182013
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My mom passed away about 16 years ago, and on the morning this photo was made it was her birthday, she would have been 67 years old and I set out on an early misty morning with just my camera gear and a coffee. I sat on the beach looking at this view for about 2 hours just thinking about her, and how this pier represented who she was in a strange way. She was an amazing woman anyone who knew her will say the same and much like this pier is always there when anyone needs to use or walk on it, she was exactly the same as she would have supported and held up anyone who needed to be held up.
Anyway, I know this is supposed to be more about me and how I feel about my own work – and in a way I guess it is. I will be getting married in 2 months time and i'm extremely excited! My view on this image in relation to my own inner self – is that I am looking forward to being that support, that pier, that strength for my own family one day…just like this pier is there for the fishermen, just like my mother was there for me.
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  1. Hi Justin. thank you for sharing your story and photograph with us. Memories and images are so intertwined and you have shared an important one with us. All I can say is that if the outside matches the inside you seem to have found a peace and stability because this is what your image represents for me. I love the calm gentle peacefulness you have created in this image, also the jetty must have weathered some storms yet stands strong and stable ….

  2. Great backstory Justin – thankyou

    I lost my dad early so your words resonated with me. Photography (and any other form of art) is superb at expressing feelings such as the ones you speak of.

  3. Very moving Justin, thanks for sharing. It has really made me think….

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