Love Me or Leave Me

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Aug 242013
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This is what ever you want it to be. I have my story & someone else will have his or her own version, but I have to thank Newell Grenfell for the title. I was struggling with what to call it, so I sent it too Newell who within a few moments he came up with the title. I asked the two models to come trampy down & out & this is the way the two dressed. Great.

When I photograph, what I'm really doing is seeking answers to things. – Wynn Bullock


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  3 Responses to “Love Me or Leave Me”

  1. This works really well.
    For me it is a series of opposites which emphasise each other. While they both reacted to “trampy” he is scruffy and she dressy, he is passive and is ignoring us while she poses and seeks attention. Their indifferance to each other asks the question – “why are they together??”
    On top of the the desaturated treatment works well and makes her pink hair jump out of the picture.

  2. Scott, I get the feeling he is going nowhere! Where she is going is quite a different thing …..

  3. Scott well done on getting models, props and location together for such a great shot. I looks to me like he is fixed there. His position centre of frame, leaning on the door frame. Door shut behind him , he has come from this place. Where as her dress and pose looks like she is selling herself. The suitcase is a master stroke.

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