Aug 262013
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It is an old, and mysterious place. There is much to be valued here, many lessons to learn from the wisdom of the people, and of the land. And the two are one.

As I view the pictures I made while we lived there I find it incredibly difficult to visualise them in any sense other than through the eyes of the early photographers. There was a place on the road in I called the portal and as we passed through there I could feel the years strip back like a time machine. And we were back in the REAL world.

We have the honour of being called whanau there, and it does feel like home. It calls us back.

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  5 Responses to “Veil, Ruatahuna. Te Urewera, May 2011”

  1. Jenny, we have spent many happy family holidays in these parts and I am drawn back by some mysterious pull which you have borught to life so well in your image and words. This is beautiful and very evocative.

  2. This screams the place that it is, full to overflowing with mystery. I love it.

  3. This is very much like Bruces image from “tomorrow”.
    You have both created images that express you feelings about your special place.
    For me the feeling of timelessness and mystery jump from this picture. I am left with the knowledge that there is much more to this place than can be seen on the surface.

  4. Jenny, this would be one of my favourites of your images.

  5. Love it. A sense of mystery and timelessness. Interesting to see in context of the next two images from Bruce and Sam.

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