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Sep 092013
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This beautiful doorway, in the village of Taggia, Italy, caught my eye for two reasons.  Firstly, because it was located in a small piazza there was enough space in front of it that I could photograph it with my portrait lens without having to resort to stitching multiple images (my widest lens is, in full-frame terms, a 90mm), and secondly the many textures, patterns and colours within and outside its frame.
I enjoy all the little details of this image: the curtain twisted and wrapped around the door handle reminds me of a headscarf; the textures and colours of the walls create interesting abstracts; the magazines on the doorstep tell of modern living within old walls.  I imagine this door could tell us more than a few interesting stories!

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  2 Responses to “The Front Door”

  1. Love it – questions questions questions …

  2. Aren’t the windows and doors in Europe fantastic. Crooked and cracked is good. We need to get over square and flat here.

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