Rock 2

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Sep 142013
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  4 Responses to “Rock 2”

  1. Something solid yet broken apart.

    Sounds like my bones!!!

  2. lol. Ian it’s so good to hear this comment from you. How we hate to see our friends broken and hurting. Solid friendships in our lives help hold us together. It makes me realise how much I value the people around me who are prepared to invest time and energy into me. Love.

  3. Also looks like a Canterbury landscape.

  4. I am still in the USA and so have not been able to catch up with Ian personally, but have communicated by email and feel terrible that I am not closer. I set up months of submissions for aGathering before going away so they have not specifically referred to Ian but it is interesting how an image can speak to people in their current situation. The crack was what drew me to the subject matter. Then in post production I was surprised to see in the close up of some rocks, the landscape aspect you refer to Tim. I did invert the image to achieve that aspect.
    Have enjoyed everyone’s images but not always able to view in the best circumstances – usually on iPhone. So have not commented as much as usual.
    Pauline, I agree with what you say.

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