Humanisation – Judy Sederof

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Sep 272013
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I am particularly fond of this image from my street photography series, “Humanisation”.

I chose this image because it speaks to me of the beauty and many layered facets of the built environment one encounters in city life.  I am a keen street photographer as well as a landscape photographer.

“Humanisation” followed a period of prolonged illness and stress a couple of years ago where I became totally disheartened at the increasing urbanisation of inner Melbourne, all I saw was the dirt, squalor  in the streets, traffic, constant graffiti and ugly new high rise buildings all around me. I made a decision to embrace my environment, accepting these changes rather than constantly wishing for another reality. I focused my creative expression on street photography, inspired by photographers like Jessie Marlow who look for the human element, the beauty within the urban environment. I discovered gems like the alleyway gallery of framed paintings in the inner city on an old grungy brick wall, a shadow of a human form hovering over an abandoned shopping trolley, a reflection in a mirror of a high rise building embraced by a tree branch.
Humanisation captures moments in the built environment that are quite prosaic, tender and beautiful, from that journey I found a renewed enthusiasm for life and a peace within that comes from focusing on what you love.

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  3 Responses to “Humanisation – Judy Sederof”

  1. Thank you for posting Judy – we value the input of guests tremendously. This captured me immediately, many little parts that make the whole uplifting. Firstly I love the colour treatment, it reminds me of frosted glass windows, 50’s and icebergs. I love that the dress appears 50’s styled and overshadows the urban environment. If it weren’t for the car I would feel back 60 years, even then first glance does not feel current. Most of all I like just seeing the legs of the person behind the pole – that moment of serendipity or fantastic trigger finger that mimics the silhouette of the dress. But it’s the sentiment that really hooked me. I’m not a street photographer and those moments I’ve thought I was have been disappointing in their results. I was seeing like you initially. Going out with the focus you’ve shown us makes a huge difference. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thankyou Jenny for your kind words.
      I am in love with the 50’s and 60’s at the moment and working on a series set in a 1960’s beach house, called Fragments.

  2. Stunning image Judy. Jenny sums up my thoughts exactly. I love the layering the reflection gives.

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