Trees in the Mist

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Oct 082013
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Fifth in the series of “Ode to Ian” while he recovers from his accident.


I made this image many years ago & never really knew what to do with it, till Ian’s accident then, thanks Ian I had a brain fart (I have lots of them).

The edges are broken & damaged but the heart is strong.

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  2 Responses to “Trees in the Mist”

  1. Hi Scott – I’m delighted that I made your brain fart!!!

    And I love this. I would struggle make an image with this much content work. But you have made it multi layered – it reveals itself bit by bit as look at it


  2. I really really like it too. Good thinking, great image to start with and I really like the treatment. There is an inviting sense of mystery that draws you in.

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