Beaudienne – Ilan Wittenberg

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Nov 062013
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This is a classic nude pose but more difficult to create than meets the eye. My model had four kids by the age of 22 and tattooed their names on her hands. We worked for four hours in my studio to create various photos trying to hide some of the stretch marks. I love this portrait because of the composition and the body language. She feels confident and happy and it shows. I had to burn some of the highlights on her skin and then turned it into monochrome to make it timeless and emphasize her tattoos. I titled the photo ‘Beaudienne’ who is the man in her life since she was 15. I welcome comments and questions.

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  8 Responses to “Beaudienne – Ilan Wittenberg”

  1. Love the use of triangles in your composition. The leading leg works well to lead you into her, great use of light & dark to give the image drama & mystic. Ruth Bernhard style. Well done & thank you for sharing.

  2. I like it. She comes across as a strong woman.

  3. Hi Ilan. Welcome and thank you for sharing this.
    I agree with Tim that the feeling of strength in you subject comes across very well.
    You draw us to her face with your lighting but as we explore more we can still find the tatoos that are clearly part of her.

  4. Hi Ilan. A very carefully crafted composition that communicates very well. There is a strong sense of athleticism and grace.

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