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Dec 092013
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I want to share a poem with you that resonates so strongly for me.  The workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik brought this to the forefront of my mind and the intent is driving my work at present.  It also brings a deep sense of gratitude to this group for helping to be the catalyst for creating.
Trust the gentle voice that echoes out of space and time
Trust the inner eye that clearly sees the child at play
Trust your song, the uniqueness of your chosen way
Trust who you are and all you were born to be
Trust, and in that trusting be forever free

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  4 Responses to “Trust”

  1. Nice poem, I never have been sure who I am, perhaps due to a troubled youth, but one thing that is for real is Photography, it has allowed my inner self to express itself & allow hurt to fade out of memory.

  2. Hi Pauline,
    I just finished writing my speech for my book launch tomorrow, then the very next thing was reading this poem. It touches how I feel in this moment, as feeling quite emotional about the collection of experiences over the last year. 🙂
    I love the photograph. When I saw it from a distance on Tim’s computer, I thought it a landscape (darker part underneath arm was a mountain, clouds above)…only to see more upon looking closer. It’s just lovely.

  3. Pauline, thanks for this timely reminder. We spend so much time doubting ourselves when we should be working at trusting ourselves. Resonates well with me to. Beautiful image too. That workshop has delivered well for you.

  4. Trusting ourselves is hard and so easy to forget. Hearing our gentle voice is even harder over the din of our conscious mind. Nicely put together.

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