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Jan 082014
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I have a dear friend who writes poetry that moves my soul. She heals and inspires me. Let me share the words that I want to attach to this image.
I woke this morning
and found myself
accepting myself
loving myself

The boulders of self-doubt
had rolled away
and I could see for miles

Jane O’Shea

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  5 Responses to “Dawn”

  1. beautiful image and words

  2. With words like that i can see why she inspires you.

    The image feels to me like an awakening, but an awakening to exactly what remains a mystery

  3. Pauline, beautiful image and aspirational words, for me at least. The woman is still behind a barrier. Has she really broken free, or is it the imminent tearing of the fabric the act of breaking free. I feel I have been here many times but not quite had the strength to finally do it ….

  4. Love this image. I agree with Bruce’s reading of it. Very powerful.

  5. Powerful image in the sense of eliciting a strong emotional response. Agree with the others.

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