River of Life

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Jan 182014
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One of the amazing things I have done is to fly around New Zealand in a 4 seater plane and see my country from a birds perspective.  The South Island is stunning in its panorama of geographical delights.  In particular I was intrigued with the flattened 2-dimensional aspect that I saw. 
On reflection after returning from the trip was the strong impression that the land is a living entity expressing herself through the relationship with sea, river, mountain, plain and forest.  This image is one that I especially love.  For me I see a female form, arranged horizontally with the human engineered road following the curve of her back.  Her face, in profile, is outlined by the heavy black shadow of the hills.  Her elongated torso and legs are laced with the braided river.   As our blood nourishes and sustains our own bodies, so does water give life to the land. 

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