Bruce Girdwood

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Bruce Girdwood

Bruce grew up in southern Africa. In 1983 he took up photography to record the beauty of the world he lived in. He soon realised that photography enabled him to do far more than record his travels.In 1992 Bruce moved to the UK where his interest in photography was stimulated by astounding photographers and a different environment. Bruce now lives in Wellington with his wife, Fiona, with whom he has three wonderful children.

Artist’s Statement…

As I progress through life I seek to give expression to what I find in my journey of self­ discovery. Some people talk, some write, some paint, some sculpt, some photograph and others combine some or all of these to express their views, thoughts, feelings, experiences and discoveries as they journey. I try to do this through photography. My photography is an intensely personal expression of who I am, and hope to be. Beauty is what inspires me.


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