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Dave Slaten

David first took an interest in digital photography shortly after moving to New Zealand in late 2003. An introduction to the great and not so great tramping tracks sparked a desire to share the scenery with friends and family back home in a way that represented what he actually saw. A year of cursing shutter lag, a new DSLR or two and a few courses here and there have led David to look at what he is actually seeing. His images are ongoing products of this journey.

Artist’s Statement…

I have gravitated to photography, as opposed to the other visual mediums of drawing or painting, because I enjoy the technology. As an electrical engineer by training and profession, I am equally driven by the digital process as I am by the finished product.

My real fascination is with people. I see the camera as a tool that, when used with confidence, proficiency and respect, can provide a bridge to connect with another human being. What little wisdom I have gained in my years have led me to believe that the value of an honest exchange with another person is vastly underrated in today’s society. My work is ultimately about preserving, not just capturing, the essence of my experience with other people. If the images are accurate accounts, then they are unique and worth sharing.

My pursuit of these two ends, technology and actual social networking, follows a randomly meandering path. I shall point the camera at myself with a rose filter or an x-ray depth at times. The smallest detail of an everyday thing may require an afternoon of study with the macro lens. A post-processing technique will be wrung dry to get a feel for the underlying software algorithms. The nature of light, both ambient and artificially manipulated will confound me. These are simple stops on the journey that probably has no end. It is my privilege to share them with you.


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