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Ian was first drawn towards photography as a high school student. His level of interest was dramatically reinvigorated by the advent of the digital age of photography.
He works as an Airline Pilot and lives in Tai Tapu, near Christchurch, with his wife and teenage daughter.

Artist’s Statement…

Many respected and quotable observers has said things such as “the camera looks both ways” (Freeman Patterson) or “all photographs are self portraits” (Minor White). They say that a photograph tells us as much about the photographer as about the subject.

It has been a challenge to understand what this “arty gobble-de-gook” really means. Why am I drawn to photograph what I do, and what does this all say about me?

By nature I am an optimist, I see the positive side of things first. Photography is all about seeing things that others may not see. Consequently my viewpoint will be a positive one.

Unfortunately viewing the world this way is not something “serious art” strives for today. “Art must communicate while beauty simply decorates”, is the catch cry.
I’m not so sure.
While some messages are shocking or depressing, it is difficult to move forward if that is all we perceive. A good first step towards communication is to produce something your audience enjoys and wants to engage with.

So I make pictures that I enjoy. For me photography provides a means and a motive to become a better observer of the good, the beautiful and the interesting.


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