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Born 1963 in Wellington New Zealand, Tim Graduated from Wellington School of Design in industrial design in 1984.

Tim worked as a freelance designer for almost all of his career. His work ranged widely, including television and film production design and art direction, shop fitting, museum design, graphics and design for promotions and events. Lately Architectural design has been his main work. Most of that work has involved creating a vision within a frame. Be it a viewfinder, window or stage.

Artist’s Statement…

In recent times life changing circumstances have caused Tim to seek out the truth and beauty in life and to look deeper into it. Photography has proved to be a useful medium to explore and communicate these concepts. Having just completed a unique home for himself and wife Ann, Tim is turning his attention to producing his own vision through Photography.

Tim’s work is often spiritual in nature. Favoring in camera techniques to capture the truths that surround us all. Look for insights into the nature of our existence, in the physical world around us.


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